CHILDREN ON THE BASE, 1994. Photos by Odalys Márquez

October 10, 2016  By Ariana Reguant

Odalys Márquez was in Guantánamo in 1994. She and her family had left Matanzas on August 23, about an hour before midnight, and after testing the boat for a couple of hours and making sure it worked. They left from the Versailles bridge, and as they navigated out, they saw  people  were on other bridges waving them goodbyes and wishing then good luck. The U.S. Coast Guard picked them up at sea on the following day, 35 miles from U.S. shores. They were then transferred to Guantánamo, where they arrived on August 26th, 1994, at 4:30am. In the images below, she  appears with her mother, her sons, her sister-in-law and her two nephews. Many of her images focused on the the children, to show their hope and the love that families were able to surround them with, despite the difficult conditions at the camps.  Because of the health of her younger child, they were able to leave early. The were flown to Homestead, in Dade County, on November 28th, 1994, where they were processed into the United States. She has never regretted it. [All photos by Odalys Márquez]

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